Our Company

We are HERO Protective Alloys, manufacturers of superior high temperature, wear resistant hardfacing rod. For a broad range of applications in industries ranging from automotive, marine and aircraft, to forging and stamping, to chemical, oil, gas and food—our cobalt and nickel based hardfacing rods offer heroic protection against abrasion and impact, corrosion and erosion, and chemical and mechanical wear in high temperature environments.

Only the highest quality raw materials are used in HERO’s advanced continuous casting facility. The result is a homogenous, metallurgically superior hardfacing rod with an extremely accurate chemical composition. And while the HERO product range offers many proven solutions, we are ready to customize a formula to defeat the specific wear characteristics of your toughest application.

Every stage of our process—from sourcing materials, to our advanced manufacturing techniques, through quality control and prompt delivery—is executed with focus on our customer’s applications and needs.


At HERO, we do just one thing—make superior hardfacing rod to defeat wear in high temperature, corrosive environments. Independently owned and operated, we are free from the demands of shareholders, the concerns of subsidiaries, and too many levels of management. Every single day, the mission is the same—make the world’s toughest hardfacing rod, and serve our customers well. Period.


We aren’t new at this. We have been casting alloys for forty years, and have created superior formulas for a range of applications that span industries across the globe. We’ve been through hundreds of tons of cobalt, nickel and other base metals, and our state-of-the-art continuous casting facility reflects our commitment to making the best hardfacing rod in the world. Please contact us about the specific demands of your toughest application, and HERO’s deep experience will be part of the winning formula that keeps your equipment in top condition.